Securing Red Fort for PM Modi’s Independence Day Speech: AI Cameras and Anti-Drone Tech

Enhancing Security Measures for PM Narendra Modi’s Independence Day Address at the Red Fort: AI Facial Recognition and Anti-Drone Innovations

An extensive assembly of over 20,000 officials and civilians is anticipated to partake in the forthcoming Independence Day festivities.

In readiness for India’s 77th Independence Day celebration, an all-encompassing security arrangement has been established at the historic Red Fort in New Delhi, a relic of the Mughal era. Over 10,000 police personnel, in conjunction with a spectrum of technological advancements, including a multitude of 1,000 facial recognition cameras and avant-garde anti-drone systems, have been deployed with the intention of ensuring a secure environment for the event, according to reports from PTI.

Securing Red Fort for PM Modi's Independence Day Speech: AI Cameras and Anti-Drone Tech
Securing Red Fort for PM Modi’s Independence Day Speech: AI Cameras and Anti-Drone Tech

Dependra Pathak, the Special Commissioner responsible for the domain of Law and Order, accentuated the thoroughness of the security measures. He underscored that in contrast to the preceding year, which was overshadowed by COVID-19 restrictions, the upcoming Independence Day celebration would be marked by unwavering enthusiasm. To achieve this objective, a substantial police deployment has been orchestrated to ensure the seamless flow of proceedings.

Pathak articulated, “Our concentration is not solely on a robust police presence, but also on the integration of real-time information sharing with other pertinent agencies, thereby fortifying security measures. The inclusion of cutting-edge technological systems forms a pivotal element of our strategic blueprint. Preparations are proceeding with vigor, and rehearsals are already underway.”

Anticipations center around a comprehensive involvement of over 20,000 officials and civilians during the Independence Day festivities. The government has extended invitations to approximately 1,800 distinguished guests, inclusive of beneficiaries of the PM-KISAN scheme hailing from various corners of the nation, who will be present at the ceremony.

The scope of security enhancements encompasses the fusion of advanced surveillance capabilities. Around 1,000 cameras, furnished with both facial recognition and video analytics, have been meticulously positioned within and around the precincts of the Red Fort, in addition to pivotal points throughout the vicinity. This strategic emplacement facilitates a thorough security sweep and vigilant monitoring of the movements of prominent individuals.

Moreover, the security protocol encompasses an array of anti-terrorism provisions, including the installation of air defense artillery. Elite SWAT commandos, sharpshooters, and marksmen will be stationed at strategically advantageous points to guarantee the safety of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other illustrious guests. The PTI report highlights the deployment of 153 kite catchers at critical locales, armed with requisite paraphernalia for kite interception. Notably, residents in proximity to the Red Fort have been urged to abstain from flying kites until the culmination of the event.

The crux of the Independence Day commemorations will revolve around Prime Minister Modi, who is slated to deliver a national address from the venerable Red Fort. His agenda encompasses an inspection of the Guard of Honor in tandem with the ceremonial unfurling of the National Flag.

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